Completely bespoke web platforms with compliance at heart

Our team has a wealth of experience in working in the Legal and Finance sector, both client-side and from an agency perspective. Over the years, we’ve developed our extensive knowledge of this highly complex sector and greatly understand the vital importance of data compliance issues. For this, we ensure that everything we build is safe and secure to the highest possible standards.

Experts in Insurance

Our team has over 15 years of experience working with the insurance industry, so we understand the requirements and challenges that come with various projects. Working both in-agency and client-side, our experience lies with a wide range of companies across the service sector. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve your problems with only the best solutions.

Data handling and compliance

When it comes to handling data online, we understand the paramount importance of complying with various regulations. We ensure that every base is covered to keep your website and any associated confidential data safe and secure. After all, we enjoy discussing compliance issues as much as we love talking about colour swatches!

Changing brand perceptions

The service sector may not always be perceived as the most exciting or engaging when it comes to brand. However, through close collaboration with our clients, we’ve helped various businesses to break the mould across the Legal and Finance sector. Our expert design team use creative thinking to transform user perceptions and improve every touchpoint of the overall user experience.

Bespoke Online Software

At Sutton Silver, we do love a good challenge! Our UX/UI designers and Zend developers have the ability to focus on the heavier software projects that require a great deal of customisation from scratch. From quoting systems to comparison websites, we have the in-house capability of producing vital online tools to benefit the insurance market.

Marketing Expertise­

From content optimisation to innovative infographics, larger content marketing pieces to next-level email campaigns; we’ve delivered creative and successful campaigns for a range of businesses.

If you have a new web project to get started and want further information on how Sutton Silver can help you, get in touch with us for a free consultation.