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The Project

Mamoq came to us as a start-up business, ready to deliver high-end and ethically produced garments to conscious consumers. Using Magento 2, we were able to build an ecommerce store that not only looks stylish and contemporary, but also includes flawless integration with their own ERP system.

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Magento 2
Multi-vendor Marketplace
Back-end ERP Integration
Stylish UX/UI Design

Multi-vendor marketplace

The new Mamoq website has been designed and built with consumers and vendors in mind.

For consumers, sorting and filtering products is a key part of tapping into particular browsing habits. Users can browse products organised by brand, price or based on one of 12 ethical frameworks, bespoke to this system. Customers can also easily add products to their wishlist straight from the grid, allowing them to continue browsing the large variety of goods.

To make things easier for vendors, the system integrates with Jetti to import product data from their own websites to the listings on Mamoq. To accommodate images of varying sizes and styles – as well as limiting awkward empty spaces – the product grid was designed with a Pinterest-style column layout capable of scrolling continuously.

Brand page management

Individual brand pages act as a soapbox for vendors and can be easily managed thanks to additional integration with WordPress. This makes it easy for them to update their own information, which can be moderated by Mamoq.

Hero banners and advertisement space have also been included for extra revenue generation. This allows Mamoq to offer premium spots to certain brands in high-profile areas of the website, including the home page, product searches and blog posts.

Reducing basket abandonment

As a global marketplace with worldwide vendors, Mamoq makes it easy for consumers to find products from anywhere in the world. However, hefty delivery charges can be a big turn-off, especially when ordering from different vendors at the same time. Some early testing suggested users tend to abandon their entire basket after seeing all the different delivery charges combined at the checkout.

To combat this, we created a bespoke module for Magento baskets to split the delivery cost by item based on the customer’s location. This allows customers the opportunity to remove items with large shipping costs at the checkout stage, while continuing with any other purchases.

Stripe integration also allows for one simple payment from the customer, which then gets automatically distributed to the relevant vendors so they are remunerated correctly. This cuts out the need for separate payments from the customer, while also reducing the manual workload for the team at Mamoq.

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