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The Project

Ibiza Delivers operates as an online supermarket and provider of yachts, villas and offshore excursions. Building from scratch, we created an all-in-one service using Magento 2 to reflect the high-end nature of Ibiza Delivers’ services and clientele. This included a stylish redesign and integration with their own bespoke ERP system to manage products and orders.

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Magento 2
Online Supermarket with
Bespoke ERP Integration
User-friendly Content Management
High-end UX/UI Design

Refreshed look

There are three strands to the Ibiza Delivers service: Online Supermarket, Yacht & Villa Provisioning and Offshore Services. While their previous website was considerably strong in promoting the online store, our UX/UI audit found that other areas weren’t performing as strongly.

We set about tweaking the structure of Ibiza Delivers’ website to give equal weighting to these other services, without taking focus away from the online supermarket. By transforming how categories are presented, we created a new menu and sub-category structure to highlight the significance of each service strand.

Improved UX & UI

With the online supermarket appearing as the first of these three services, this helps to easily draw most visitors to the products they’re after. The inclusion of selected popular products on the homepage also works as a lead in to the supermarket section.

It was also important to the client to maintain their branding, logo and corporate colour scheme. This was necessary for brand recognition amongst customers and to minimise the impact on existing assets like branded vehicles. Our design team took this into careful consideration during the project, coming up with visuals that look modern and refreshed without deviating from the client’s existing style.

Functionality & integration

Ibiza Delivers’ original website utilised the original Magento platform, but their intention in coming to Sutton Silver was to upgrade to Magento 2. While this sounds like it should be a fairly simple process, it actually involves a lot more complex work to be done.

As Magento 2 uses different architecture to Magento 1, we essentially had to build a brand new website in Magento 2 from scratch. Following that, all data needed to be migrated from the old site to the new – quite a complex process all in all.

On top of this, we needed to ensure that the client’s ERP system would fully integrate with their online platform. This allows Ibiza Delivers to see complete synchronisation of product information, inventory levels and orders at all times. Whenever an item is updated on their system or an order is made online, changes are reflected in both systems simultaneously.

Bespoke Build

Another important element of the new build was to promote Ibiza Delivers’ Water Taxi service. With several pick-up/drop-off points around the islands, visitors can select destinations to find out further information, including pricing and booking information.

User-friendly Magento interface

For the other service areas of Yacht & Villa Provisioning and Offshore Services, greater control over content management was a necessity. While these sections don’t require any transactions, they’re vital to provide visitors with up-to-date information.

Alongside the ability to easily manage text content, we implemented functionality for gallery sections to include high quality photography. In the Magento admin area, a representative of Ibiza Delivers can navigate to the relevant pages and update content through a user-friendly system to edit and save new text and images.

Updating the website is made simple by using content management options and through their back office inventory and order processing system. Constructed with the client’s usage in mind, this new Magento 2 website makes life easier for them to manage and update their own content, without having to rely on further development knowledge.

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