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Euroventure organises Interrail travel packages, with routes passing through some of Europe's most popular tourist destinations.

After approaching us for a complete re-brand of their online presence, we set to work on creating a website as visually striking as it is functional, meeting the requirements of their ever-growing business and customer base.

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Logo & Branding
Motion graphics
Interactive route planning
Budgeting calculator tool


Exciting new brand to capture a young target audience

We created a brand that conveyed the excitement and adventure of Interrail travelling, along with Euroventure’s core values of knowledge and experience. Their brand had to speak to their 18-25 audience, so our approach includes a lot of bold visuals. Topping off the branding, their new logo combines the E and V into a map pointer to create a recognisable, yet unique mark.


Complete Transformation of Euroventure's Online Presence

We redesigned Euroventure’s site to be faster, easier to use and more appealing to their target market.


Old New Stats

Euroventure Responsive

Responsive design to make Euroventure more accessible to a larger audience

More people than ever are browsing the internet on handheld devices; we created a responsive website that reaches out to every user.


Ensuring a fast, pleasant journey

Much like the Interrail system, we made the user journey quick and easy to navigate. From landing on the page, to browsing and enquiring about trips; an interactive 3-step process has led to a 480% increase in bookings.

From the visions laid out in the kick-off meeting all the way to the finished article, we were able to customise important new features and refine the smallest details in the complete re-branding of our site. We liaised and relied on the advice of the designers, developers and content writers at each stage, who delivered a slick, fun and attractive website to give Euroventure a completely fresh face.

Phil Netherton, Co-Founder, Euroventure

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