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Now more than ever, all sorts of B2B companies – like branded manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors – are turning to digital and online platforms like Magento Commerce to transform and progress their daily operations.

While it’s often common to think of online shopping as being geared towards selling direct to consumers, transacting over the web is highly useful for those who sell to other businesses. As more and more B2B operators embrace this technological shift, distributors and their clients can benefit from quicker and more streamlined services.

With the latest version of Magento Commerce, more B2B companies are finding that they can benefit from a platform that’s rich in features and future-proof. Extensive functionality included as standard allows B2C and B2B businesses to use the same platform, which can be customised as necessary to meet their own individual requirements.

An all-in-one commerce solution

It’s easier than ever before for businesses to integrate a Magento Commerce store with a wide range of other software, like back-end CRM systems, payment gateways and third-party services such as live chat functions. Setting up and managing an online store with Magento is not only easy for distributors and wholesalers, it also offers a smooth front-facing experience for clients and buyers too.

As one of the leading ecommerce platform providers, more businesses are choosing Magento for trading and transacting online. Thanks to its dynamic Commerce solution, online B2B stores can be uniquely tailored to meet the individual needs and requirements in a way that’s easy and cost effective.

Magento Commerce has been created with both customers and sellers in mind, offering personalised buying experiences in a system that’s streamlined and simple to manage. Rich content like videos and interactive images can boost product appeal and drive sales, while a fully responsive shop front makes life simple for buyers using different devices.

Support for corporate accounts

One of the most significant B2B features of Magento Commerce is the ability to offer corporate accounts to clients, empowering business customers with multiple layers of access available. By assigning specific roles and permissions to members of their teams, bosses can have more flexibility and greater control over their purchasing power.

The platform offers options for multiple payment methods, including paying on account. This gives greater control to purchasers who can decide on the best method of payment for their business, whether that’s using a debit card, services like PayPal or funds already credited to their company account.

Offering these high level accounts means that wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors can also keep their clients in the loop with order tracking, inventory levels, personalised promotions and fulfilling general requests. Real time information can be delivered across multiple channels to ensure everyone is on the same page at any one time.

Easy to manage daily

Magento Commerce ensures that management of the store’s data is smooth and effortless for admin staff to work with on a daily basis. There is little need to worry about manually transferring data between the ecommerce store and an internal-use back-end system, as extensive APIs and extensions are able to handle various types of integration.

If there doesn’t appear to be any suitable extension available ‘off-the-shelf’ as it were, it’s possible to rely on a more bespoke development solution by a professional and dedicated provider. While this seems like it may be quite a hassle to sort out, it’s exactly where Sutton Silver has the knowledge and expertise to help.

Sutton Silver is an official Magento Solution Partner and we’ve helped various businesses to revamp their processes, giving sales and conversions a considerable boost. With this advanced, modern and flexible platform on offer, we can consult with you to ensure you take advantage of the features of Magento Commerce to fulfil your long-term goals.

Want to find out more about how Magento 2 Commerce can revolutionise your B2B operations and enhance your online sales? Get in touch with Sutton Silver to discuss your requirements with one of our consultants.

Call us on 01244 347 680 or send a message to studio@suttonsilver.co.uk and speak to our team today.

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