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It’s been a great week at Sutton Silver, with many projects reaching ‘go live’ stage there’s been a buzz in the air as the team chipped away at a range of tasks. It’s not just in the studio we’ve been busy, we’ve also been expanding our knowledge base off site.

Earlier in the week Sutton Silver were awarded the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. The new status cements our commitment to consistently improving and developing our processes for our clients and ourselves. As such it’s vital for our team to get to grips with new market leading technology that can help streamline our workflow.

On Thursday our design and marketing team headed over to Liverpool to attend an event hosted by our friends at GBM. The focus of the afternoon was to inform attendees about innovative ways to use new technology to get the most of studio time. Tony Harmer led the afternoon, demonstrating how to best use various new Adobe Creative Cloud features.

Key Takeaways

Adobe XD

One of the core principles for Adobe XD is reducing friction in the design process. XD is Adobe’s tool for helping user experience and user interface designer’s prototype and wireframe new mobile and web applications.

Our creative team’s current weapon of choice when it comes to UX/UI design is Sketch and thus far it has served us incredibly well. Sketch and Adobe XD are very similar and there are pro’s and cons to using both, but it was useful to have a full run through of some of XD’s unique attributes. We found it impressive that XD allows users to create interactive prototypes without the use of third-party plugins.

Adobe XD

Save for Screens

Many of the group were aware of this shortcut, and for good reason it’s a huge time saver. When using Adobe Illustrator CC it isn’t uncommon to need to save off an icon set as individual stand-alone icons.

To use this tip: With the art board tool still selected (shift & O) copy the existing art board by holding option + click and drag. Then navigate to the export for screens feature (file > export >export for screens…) This is the most efficient way of saving web assets, and includes options to export art boards at a variety of scales to accommodate different displays.

Camera Raw

The key feature of the Camera Raw processing was that it can be included as a filter within Photoshop. This allows users get the most out of Raw processing, by working directly on individual selections and layers. Many thanks to Tony for getting in touch and reminding us of this great feature. View some of Tony’s informative tutorials here.

Camera Raw

We learned some helpful non-destructive editing tips and tricks and shortcuts that we’re looking forward to experimenting with.

Thanks to GBM for having us, we gained lots of valuable insights!

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