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There are still thousands of ecommerce stores using Magento 1 as its foundation system. While many of these websites use the most up-to-date version of 1.9, ongoing support and updates for technical issues or bugs will soon become a thing of the past.

To stay ahead of the curve, merchants are strongly advised to migrate their store to the second generation of the software, which offers the next logical step in evolving their business.

Since launching three years ago, tens of thousands of stores now utilise Magento 2. The platform has already proven its ability to rapidly revolutionise the ecommerce landscape right in front of us, and M2 adoption rates show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

However, making the move to Magento 2 presents several key points for merchants to consider about their business and how they wish to operate online. While such a change is overall positive, it’s understandable that a large-scale upgrade like this can bring about some uncertainties. This is especially the case for ensuring daily business continues without interruption during the upgrading process.

To help take stock of wants, needs and expectations when migrating to Magento 2 from an older ecommerce platform, we take a look at the key considerations necessary for merchants to improve their online sales now and in the long-term future.

Additional features as standard

Unlike its predecessor, Magento 2 delivers various features and functions natively ‘out of the box’ as it were. Many of these features were offered to Magento 1 merchants, but only through extensions and add-ons, potentially taking up vital resources and having an effect on site speed and performance.

By including these common features as standard this time around, merchants have greater flexibility and agility to utilise a wide range of support tools as much or as little as is needed. This allows them to deliver improved customer experiences and exceptional growth in sales.

Further extensions still available

While many common features of modern ecommerce are included in Magento 2 as standard, the platform also offers a range of high quality extensions for even further customisation. Through these additional extras, merchants can set themselves apart from the crowd to provide customers with a more bespoke service.

The most popular extensions among merchants facilitate digital marketing through search engines and email campaigns. Others help to offer personalised experiences for shoppers, multiple payment gateway options and third-party services for ratings and reviews. Many of these involve easy ‘one-click’ installation to set up, however, having access to a professional development resource can help when it comes to complex integrations with ERP or EPOS systems.

Increased store performance

Business requirements can change over time making it necessary for a store’s capabilities to adapt and grow in the future. Magento 2 is a fully flexible and scalable platform, allowing stores to cope with increased traffic volumes and customer orders without compromising on site speed and performance.

Thanks to greater resources and capacity in the system, stores are considerably less likely become slow and sluggish as the service continues to expand. M2 is capable at handling more orders per hour and provides noticeably faster response times during checkout.

Sturdy and regularly maintained platform

Magento 2 Commerce has proven itself to be the best choice for many merchants primarily coming down to lower costs of ownership and faster implementation times. Research has found that businesses are consistently seeing favourable results after adopting the latest version.

Since then, the core M2 platform has gone through various incremental version updates to further solidify its status as a robust, reliable and future-proof system. With support and development continuing into the foreseeable future, merchants can expect a world-class service with significant reductions in cost and implementation times – especially compared to alternative platforms and even previous versions of Magento.

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