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iPatch is the Top Dog for SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine OptimisationThe best way to find new customers? Let them find you.

Search engine marketing is all about helping your customers find you when they enter relevant keywords on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

It’s an increasingly complex task as the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, and even the most niche businesses are finding it tough.

At Sutton Silver we devise tailored search engine marketing programmes that deliver the best ROI in the shortest possible time. Our tried and trusted approach to SEO comprises both onsite and offsite practices, including content creation and specialist link building strategies.

And because we work in close partnership with our clients, we continually track progress and review campaigns to ensure you achieve and maintain high rankings which support your business for the long term.

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pay on results

We take the guess work out of search engine marketing by offering pay on results packages. This means you can have complete confidence in receiving value for money when you work with us.

free market and keyword analysis

Search engines want to deliver the most relevant content to their users. So before we begin any SEO programme or devise content we analyse the keywords that will drive the right traffic to your site. This analysis considers your marketplace, your competitors, your business and your growth strategy and informs what happens both on and off the page. It's our way of ensuring that each campaign delivers maximum return for you.

onsite search engine optimisation

Our SEO specialists understand how Google's spiders crawl and index websites. Onsite SEO involves relevant keyword placement in the most important areas of each page, HTML code optimisation, content optimisation, internal linking, navigation optimisation as well as resolving any issues which will be affecting the ranking of your website and any of its pages. The aim of this onsite work is to ensure Google spiders can effectively crawl each page placing emphasis on the most important keywords.

link building and offsite seo

Quality, inbound links are the most effective method of obtaining and maintaining Number 1 Google rankings even in the most competitive markets. We employ only the most effective and safest methods of link building that replicate a natural link acquisition profile. The result is higher positions, quicker movement and long term rankings.

tracking your progress

One of the key benefits of SEO over other traditional marketing vehicles is the highly measurable results. We do not believe in charging for reports. We believe in regular reporting so you can track your campaign progress every step of the way. All ranking, link building, progress and Analytics reports are delivered on time and free of charge.

  • SEO Success Stories

    Witter Towbars

    Nearly 250,000 online searches are made for towbars each month. We helped Witter Towbars tap into this lucrative market by ensuring they appeared consistently in the top three search results for key search terms. We designed a search engine friendly site and ensured they appeared for search terms involving specific makes of car.

    Keyword Position

    • Towbar 2
    • Towbars 2
    • Ford Towbar 1
    • Vauxhall Towbar 2
    • BMW Towbar 1
    • Volvo Towbar 1
    • Range Rover Towbar 2
    • Renault Towbar 1
    • Audi Towbar 1
    • Rover Towbar 1

    * Figures correct at time of creation.

    Witter Towbars Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEO Success Stories

    Global Adventure Challenges

    Global Adventure Challenges wanted to raise the online profile of its fundraising events which take place in the UK and abroad. We designed a search engine friendly website which tackled competitive search terms such as 'charity challenges' as well as specific types of challenge. Google rankings went up almost immediately.

    Keyword Position

    • Adventure Challenges 1
    • Charity Challenges 3
    • Challenges 2
    • Best Adventure Challenges 3
    • London Paris Bike Ride 3
    • Borneo Challenges 1
    • Inca Trail Challenges 1
    • Coast to Coast Challenges 3
    • Trekking Challenges 5
    • Sledding Challenges 2

    * Figures correct at time of creation.

    Global Adventure Challenges Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEO Success Stories

    Lemon Squeezers

    The Epicurio Lemon Squeezer is an innovative product used by consumers and professionals alike. We designed a search engine-friendly website and then undertook an intensive programme of SEO. Within four weeks the company was ranking highly for challenging search terms and online sales increased as a result.

    Keyword Position

    • Lemon Squeezer 1
    • Lemon Squeezers 1
    • Squeezer 4

    * Figures correct at time of creation.

    SFL Mobile Radio Search Engine Optimisation


Sutton Silver has made our website work really hard. It reflects our brand, engages with our end users and generates sales. What more could we ask? Witter Towbars


The website is really important to our success. We chose Sutton Silver because they're a dynamic team, easy to work with and were completely focused on the fastest way to achieve the results we needed. Global Adventure Challenges


Sutton Silver really understands how to get the best from Search Engine Marketing. The results were above and beyond our expectations. Lemon Squeezers