Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing StrategyBehind every successful campaign is a well thought out marketing strategy. We bring clarity to the planning phase by helping to set objectives and identify the tactics that will deliver the results you’re looking for.

While the end result will be unique and creative, we begin by asking some pretty fundamental questions about your customers, your competitors, your products and services. This knowledge informs every aspect of your marketing plan, from the creation of integrated creative campaigns to boost leads and brand awareness to smaller but no less important details such as keyword selection and link strategies.

As our services encompass all aspects of marketing, from traditional print to creative digital, we make everything work seamlessly together to have the strongest impact and provide maximum return on your investment.

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results driven approach

We know you want more sales from your marketing activity, but how many and at what value? By setting clear goals we'll deliver strategies which cut straight to the bottom line.

challenging the competition

We research your marketplace to ensure your marketing strategy positions you clearly apart from the competition.

choosing a communications plan

Who are your target customers, where are they and what do they need to know about your product or service to feel comfortable about buying? We help you reach the right people with the right message.

sales strategy

Our results-driven approach will tie into your sales strategy to generate the results you want - how many sales and of what value? We will also seek to bring down the cost of sale by strengthening brand awareness.

budget and timescales

We work on a fixed fee basis, so when we set a budget, we stick to it.

results (kpi)

All activity has to be balanced against anticipated return or cost of sale. That's why we have become true partners to many clients, participating in Board meetings and being part of their internal team. We always go the extra mile, constantly monitoring campaigns to ensure you achieve the results you need.