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Email Marketing

Email MarketingEmail marketing is a fast and effective way to stay in touch with your customers and prospects. Our campaigns achieve higher than average open rates because we know how to get people’s attention.

From planning your campaigns through to fulfillment and reporting we offer a complete email marketing package to get the results you need.

Our campaigns are delivered using dotMailer, industry-leading email marketing software which is highly reliable and easy to use. Our professional copywriting service means your email marketing is both informative and entertaining, factors which significantly improve the open rate and encourage your audience to share your content and raise your profile. Our creative design service makes the email easy to read and understand, even if the user simply scans the headline. And our database management service means it reaches the right people at the right time.

Detailed reporting allows us to monitor the success of your email marketing effort and deliver maximum ROI.

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revenue generation

All our campaigns are designed with one thing in mind: the generation of sales and sales leads. We get to the heart of the matter to devise compelling email marketing campaigns which make people respond.

traffic generation

If you want to use email marketing to highlight special offers and promotions, we can do this simply and effectively. Our approach means we can deliver more complex campaigns by driving multiple offers to multiple pages within your site, ensuring a better conversion rate by allowing your target audience to get straight to the information they need.

campaign management

We know you have a hundred and one things to do so once we've designed a plan, we'll deliver as much or as little as you wish. Some clients devise their own campaigns and involve us only in sending it out. Other clients prefer us to manage the campaign in its entirety - from design and content development to sending and tracking. The choice is yours.


There are myriad ways to reach your customers. We'll only advise you to do email marketing if we think it's going to work. We offer intuitive reporting so you know what's happening once your email has reached your audiences' inbox, and can judge how effective your campaign has been.


Email marketing is a cost-effective way of reaching targeted prospects and keeping in touch with existing customers to further enhance your relationship and to up/cross sell. We work within your budget to deliver campaigns which make sense to your bottom line.

View our case studies or call us today for a free, no obligation discussion about how we can boost sales leads with great value e-mail marketing campaigns.

  • Email Marketing Examples

    Grosvenor Place

    Mortgage brokers Grosvenor Place wanted to use email marketing to generate repeat sales and encourage word of mouth recommendation. We targeted existing customers on a quarterly basis with an attractive, easy-to-read email containing compelling offers.

    The campaign achieved a higher than average open rate and direct sales leads.

    Campaign Results

    • 87% delivered
    • 25% open rate
    • 24 people forwarded it to a friend
    • 3.78% unique user click through
    • 15.08% click to open rate
    • 17 email replies to follow up
    Grosvenor Place Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Examples


    The insurance marketplace is highly competitive so companies like Paymentshield have to work hard to be front-of-mind.

    We devised an email marketing campaign to create brand awareness among potential customers, and to generate leads through special offers and promotions.

    We deliver campaigns which reach some 700,000 recipients and achieve a higher-than-average open rate.

    Campaign Results

    • 297 campaigns sent
    • 680,000 emails delivered
    • 13,366 unique user click through
    • 2% average response rate
    • 9.5% average click to open rate
    Paymentshield Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Examples

    Sutton Silver

    Successful email marketing doesn't have to follow standard practice, as we discovered for ourselves.

    We devised a text-based email which involved a straight-forward meeting request, sent personally by our MD. No design, no additional information.

    The resulting level of enquiries surprised even us and proved that simple is sometimes best in email marketing.

    Campaign Results

    • 84% delivered
    • 33% open rate
    • 132 people forwarded it to a friend
    • 10.88% unique user click through
    • 32.75% click to open rate
    • 54 email replies to follow up
    • Total sales £45,750
    Sutton Silver Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Examples

    Our email marketing capability can be scaled up to serve customers requiring literally millions of sends per year.

    We designed a campaign for to deliver a massive 50 million emails per year, all timed to coincide with customers' insurance renewal dates.

    Our email marketing campaigns ensure your message is reached by the right people at the right time.

    12 month retention strategy

    • Welcome email
    • Renewal date confirmation
    • Quote reminder
    • Quarterly newsletter (cross sell)
    • 4 week renewal reminder
    • 2 week renewal reminder
    • 1 week renewal reminder Email Marketing